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Easy Number helps you take control of your phone and internet. We can save you money and make it easier for your clients to get in touch with you.

Call Easy Number now if any of the following applies you:

  • Looking to cut costs on your business phone and internet account

  • Looking to install a phone PBX and want a less expensive alterative

  • You have always wanted a toll free number but have worried about the cost

  • You want to have a local number but don’t want a land line

  • Real-estate Agent and you want a toll free number

  • Looking for a PBX system but don’t want to out lay a huge expense

  • You have a mobile business want to have one advertised number calling multiple staff at the same time

  • Want increased flexibility, fast deployment, reduced capex and more control

  • Starting a new business and want a new number but don’t want to carry two cell phones

  • You are sick of paying huge mobile bills when coming back from over seas

  • You are a parent looking for a way your children can get in touch with you from any phone


0800 327968

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