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Sales / Distribution

Media Shepherd sells a number of products both direct to consumer and wholesale (to retail) in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. 

We have built a reputation for stocking and selling great brands with full warranties. There are a lot of 'fly by nighters' in online retail, Media Shepherd is all about a long term relationship with customers.

We use our advertising arm to market our web sites (like this gives us an advantage over other start up online retailers right off the bat and will give any new product great exposure in the online world.

Media Shepherd also looks after the distribution for brands, if you are based in another country and have issues with distribution and returns, we can help! 

If you have a product that you think we might like to be involved with please call Stephen on +6421 472340. 

Media Shepherd is the parent company for a-game  a retro arcade, vending and gaming franchise.  



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